August 2021

Unlocking Instagram's Potential: Got 3.1 Million Organic Views

Our collaboration with Brandveda was rooted in a shared ambition – to harness the potential of Instagram's organic reach and carve a distinct digital footprint. We embarked on this journey with a clear understanding that organic growth not only builds credibility but also fosters a lasting relationship with the audience.


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Unlocking Instagram's Potential: Got 3.1 Million Organic Views

Project Overview

Brandveda presented us with the challenge of expanding their reach beyond their existing follower base. Our primary objective was to increase brand visibility and engagement on Instagram, specifically through the platform's dynamic feature - Instagram Reels. To achieve this, we set out to craft an integrated strategy that encompassed content creation, timing optimization, and community engagement.


Our execution strategy was multifaceted, combining meticulous planning, creative content creation, and data-driven optimization.

Content Ideation and Creation

We began by immersing ourselves in Brandveda's brand identity, values, and industry landscape. This allowed us to generate content ideas that resonated with their target audience. Our team curated a blend of educational, entertaining, and informative content pieces that aligned with the brand's essence.

Instagram Reels Mastery

Leveraging the popularity of Instagram Reels, we adopted a two-pronged approach. First, we identified trending topics, challenges, and formats relevant to Brandveda's industry. Second, we injected their unique value into these trends, making their content stand out. The result was a series of engaging Reels that captured the audience's attention.

Strategic Posting Schedule

Timing is crucial in social media success. Through data analysis, we identified the optimal times when Brandveda's target audience was most active. This enabled us to schedule content publication during these windows, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Engagement and Community Building

Organic growth thrives on engagement. Our team proactively engaged with followers' comments, messages, and interactions. This not only enhanced the sense of community but also improved the visibility of Brandveda's content in users' feeds.


The transformation we achieved for Brandveda was both quantifiable and qualitative, driving a significant impact on their online presence.

Exponential Increase in Views

Over the years, the Instagram Reels views experienced an astounding surge of impressive 2 million. This translated to a remarkable 200% growth in organic reach, elevating Brandveda's visibility in a competitive digital landscape.

Engagement Surge

The increased views were complemented by a surge in engagement metrics – likes, comments, shares, and saves. This indicated not only a wider reach but also a deeper connection with the audience, establishing Brandveda as an authority within their industry.

Follower Growth

The compelling Reels content also led to a significant uptick in new follower acquisition. The exposure generated by our strategy attracted users genuinely interested in Brandveda's offerings, resulting in a notable increase in their follower count.

Brand Recognition

Beyond the numbers, the strategy's success translated into improved brand recognition. Brandveda's Instagram handle became synonymous with valuable, relevant content, fostering trust and credibility among their audience.

Business Opportunities

The heightened visibility on Instagram translated into tangible business opportunities for Brandveda. Collaborations, partnerships, and inquiries increased as a result of the expanded reach and enhanced brand image.

Unlocking Instagram's Potential: Got 3.1 Million Organic Views
Unlocking Instagram's Potential: Got 3.1 Million Organic Views

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Saurabh Pandey
CEO/Founder - Brandveda

I have been in this institute for a long time and it is clearly evitable that you cannot find an end to the knowledge they have over here. Be it any concept of Digital marketing, they have the knowledge and the tools and the experience!! I never knew that by just enrolling in this course, it would change my career.

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Vishwa Dudhela
Performance Marketer

I've been in Brandveda for digital marketing course and the teacher makes you live this skill with full enthusiasm and commitment. I am sure if someone wants to give their life a new start or someone wants to gift themselves some new skills, Brandveda is the place.

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Naman Jain
Founder Web Technologies

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